Hello! We’re excited that you’re considering becoming a KCCB ambassador. As an ambassador, we hope that in addition to helping us Keep Cass County Beautiful, that you also increase your environmental knowledge and learn new ways to care for our world. We also hope that it prompts you to make small lifestyle changes for the health of our planet. Below is the list of criteria to become a KCCB Ambassador. You can become an ambassador each calendar year! We invite you to reach out to us with concerns, suggestions, or questions. We want this to be a successful, educational, and engaging program.

Upon completion of the program, you will be recognized on our website, Facebook page and the community newsletters and receive an invite to our annual appreciation event where you will be recognized.

Individual Ambassador Program:

  1. Volunteer 4 hours at a KCCB event of choice (in home volunteer opportunities are available!)
  2. Participate in 2 litter clean ups each year with a minimum of 1 hour per cleanup. 
  3. Pledge to adopt 1 new ecofriendly lifestyle choice and submit it in writing. Need ideas? Ask the KCCB Director!
  4. Research 1 environmental topic that you’re passionate about and share what you learned by doing one of the following. **These will be displayed at our appreciation event by consent only.
    A.) Write a 1-page paper
    B.) Make a poster.
    C.) Write a poem.
    D.) Create a project or exhibit. **If you have another idea to describe what you learned, share your idea with us, it will likely be approved! 

Business Ambassador Program:

  1. 1 Litter cleanup each year
  2. Be an active member of KCCB
  3. Offer recycling and/or composting at place of business.
  4. Commit to low/zero waste at your business by using non disposables and/or compostable materials.