Everyone appreciates a clean neighborhool. Would you consider joining our new Adopt-a-Spot Program? Just follow these 3 steps and make a positive impact!

  1. Pick a street, trail, park or roadway in Cass County and complete this simple registration form.
  2. Commit to picking up litter at your spot at least twice a year, especially spring and fall. 
  3. Report your hours and trash amounts every time you do a cleanup. 

KCCB Litter Cleanup Grant Program 

We'll partner with local schools, 4-H clubs, Scouts, and community organizations to plan litter cleanups across Cass County. Contact us for trash bags, gloves and other litter supplies. KCCB will award organizations up to $50 per mile and $10 per acre for picking up roadside litter. Complete an application form today and reserve supplies.  


Recycle your pumpkins after Halloween at our new fun, fall event!





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Keep America Beautiful Grants
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Cass County Waste Plan

Read or download the complete Cass County Waste Plan. It is a 2.7 Meg File.
Use the back button to return or Right click to download.

If you would like to have a speaker for your school, church or organization to discuss an environmental topic such as recycling, litter prevention, composting, or other topics; please contact us at 402-949-0874 or by Email: Linda@KeepCassCountyBeautiful.com 

KCCB Sponsors Rotation

Keep Cass County Beautiful is a countywide non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity organization created in 2012 to promote keeping all our communities clean, beautiful, and litter free.