Need some new resources and activities for your kids this summer or some environmental tips for Moms and DadsWatch our new Clips and Tips Programs.  Each week look for a new resource, either a video or an activity to extend your learning.




Our first resource is a video reading of the story Retrieving with EVIEGreat for dog lovers and pre-school – lower elementary youth. Enjoy!    

EVIE is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who just loves retrieving litter wherever she finds it!  She's also the mascot of Keep Evansville (IN) Beautiful.  Join us in a reading of this book and learn how you can reduce litter and help keep Cass County beautiful, too.  Thanks to author Susan Harp, illustrator Jon Siau and M.T. Publishing Company, Inc. for permission for this reading.



Our next "Environmental Clips and Tips" feature is a video recording of the award-winning book One Plastic Bag read by KCCB educator, Dana Stahl. Enjoy this true story about Isatou Ceesay and the women of the Gambia as they tackle plastic bag pollution in Njau, Gambia.  Suggested readers: ages 5 - 9, but this story has a universal message for all. 

Displayed with the permission of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. “One Plastic Bag” by Miranda Paul, illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the prior written permission of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.

From Author Miranda Paul, watch this step-by-step video that shows how the women of Gambia recycle plastic bags into beautiful purses - and you can learn! Isatou Ceesay, narrator, is also the project manager for NRIGG, the Njau Recycling and Income Generating Group in The Gambia, West Africa. PURSES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT: - Learn more about this grassroots, fairtrade project at:


5 Recycled Plastic Bag Projects

10 Things To Make From Plastic Bags


We hope you enjoy Dana's reading of Evie Goes Clean & Green and will learn some new ways to be GREEN at your home. This second book of EVIE is written by Susan Harp, a teacher and environ-mental volunteer, and is illustrated by award-winning artist Jon Siau, to help children (and their parents) understand the importance of recycling and being as green as possible. With the help of her daddy, EVIE learns easy ways to make small changes in her everyday life that will have a big impact on the environment.

We thank author Susan Harp, illustrator Jon Siau and M.T. Publishing Company, Inc. for permission for this reading. You can purchase Susan's book from M.T. Publishing.



This week's "Clips and Tips" is for anyone who uses fireworks. Join Dana and Linda as they explain how to be safe with this video about Fireworks Disposal. Fireworks can create litter and debris that contain heavy metals and dangerous chemicals that can pollute air, water and soil. Remember, if you BLOW IT UP...please PICK IT UP! 



Enjoy Nature whether it's in your back yard or at a local park. Watch this video and enjoy the great outdoors-environmentally friendly for the entire family. Learn how to make a kite from a recycled plastic bag and find more outdoor activities for youth here


Reduce your carbon footprint by watching this "At Home Activities" video. 



Have you ever wanted to compost and just didn't know how to get started? We've got tips for you with this video clip.  Enrich your lawn and garden by composting and learn how to turn veggie scraps and other organic matter into nutrient rich compost. This video has information for young and old including a few of our favorite composting books for youth. Learn more with this informative USDA resource called Composting in the Yard, the University of Nebraska Extension compost guide and 5 Common Compost Questions



Here's another video and simple way to teach youth how to compost called Compost in a Cup.



RECYCLING: There are many misconceptions about recycling and what can be recycled in one location may vary from another. We have tips for what can and can't be recycled in Cass County, Nebraska. Click here to watch our 10 Recycling Myths.








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